4D 3N Package Tour to Lembah Baliem Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

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4D 3N Package Tour to Lembah Baliem Wamena

4D 3N Package Tour to Lembah Baliem Wamena tour package from indoasiatrip with complete facility, cheap price, and being handle by professional staff

Festival Lembah Baliem Wamena Papua

4D 3N Package Tour to Lembah Baliem Wamena, Papua, Indonesia

The Baliem Valley is a valley in the Jayawijaya mountains. Baliem Valley is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level surrounded by mountains with beautiful and natural scenery. Temperatures can reach 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. This valley is also known as the grand baliem valley is the residence of the Dani tribe located in the village of Wosilimo, 27 km from Wamena, Papua. In addition to the Dani tribes, several other tribes live next door in this valley, namely the Yali tribe and the Lani tribe.

The valley is about 80 km long by 20 km wide and is located at an altitude of about 1,600-1,700 m, with a population of around 100,000 people.

The discovery of the Baliem Valley and the unexpected presence of its large agricultural population was discovered by Richard Archbold’s zoological third expedition for New Guinea in 1938. On June 21 a southern Reconnaissance air flight from Hollandia (now Jayapura) discovered what an expedition was called ‘Grand Valley’. Gradually, the valley has since been opened limited to tourism, namely by the Baliem Valley Festival.


Day 1
The meeting point at Wamena Airport is a maximum of 14.00
Check in Hotel
Heading to Napua view, seeing the city of Wamena from a height

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel
Heading to Obia village
Setting of traditional ceremonies in Obia Village (Burning stones, dancing, making fire, burning tubers, blowing pikon)
Lunch (lunch box)
Setting customary wars

Day 3
breakfast at the hotel
Towards Soroba
Motivation in the Soroba area
Mumi Jiwika
Lunch (lunch box)
Towards Baliem Valley Resort
Explore the area of Bali Valley Resort
Return to Wamena and have dinner

Day 4
transfer to wamena airport

1. Please maintain the custom rules there, do not take pictures without the knowledge of the guide
2. Bring cigarettes, sweets and reading books to local residents there
3. Bring a thick jacket, because morning and night temperatures can reach 10 degrees
4. The itinerary can change at any time by seeing conditions in the field
5. Photos of the Baliem valley can be seen here


DEPARTURE TIME Bandara Wamena (WMX) 12.00 GMT+9
RETURN TIME Bandara Wamena (WMX) 09.00 GMT+9
THINGS TO BRINGHats, shoes, sandals, glasses, sunblock, personal medicines, cameras and equipment, power banks, t-shirts, bags (Bodypack/daypack/backpack)
INCLUDEDHotels during in Wamena
Land transportation
All fees for retribution
Local guide
Eat during the tour
Fees for traditional ceremonies in the village
Mineral water
NOT INCLUDEDFlight ticket to / from Wamena
Personal expenses
Excess baggage
Travel insurance
Tips guide


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