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Newest 10-Day Java, Bali, Lombok Package

Explore the best of Indonesia with our comprehensive 10-day tour package covering Java, Bali, and Lombok. This adventure-filled journey includes volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, hiking, camping, snorkeling, and fishing. Perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers!


Tour Java Package



Tour Bali Package

Tour Highlights:

  • Experience the beauty of Ijen Blue Fire, Bromo Sunrise, and the tranquil landscapes of Java, Bali, and Lombok.
  • Enjoy various activities including hiking, camping, snorkeling, and more.
  • Hassle-free travel with all transportation, accommodation, and meals included.


Day 1:

  • 22:00 WIB: Depart to Bromo from Surabaya
  • 24:00 WIB: Arrive at hotel in Bromo and rest

Day 2:

  • 03:45 WIB: Head to the peak view for sunrise and other activities
  • 07:30 WIB: Breakfast and freshen up at the hotel
  • 09:00 WIB: Travel to Alas Purwo National Park
  • 12:30 WIB: Lunch in Jember City
  • 14:30 WIB: Arrive at Alas Purwo, explore savanna and Sadengan
  • 16:40 WIB: Explore Mangrove view
  • 18:30 WIB: Dinner
  • 19:30 WIB: Check-in at hotel in Banyuwangi

Day 3:

  • 00:00 WIB: Prepare for Ijen Blue Fire hike
  • 01:30 WIB: Begin 3km climb with local guide
  • 03:00 WIB: View Blue Fire at Ijen summit
  • 05:00 WIB: View sunrise at Ijen
  • 07:00 WIB: Return to Post Paltuding
  • 08:00 WIB: Breakfast at Taman Sari
  • 09:00 WIB: Explore Jagir Waterfall and Kalibendo Plantation
  • 10:00 WIB: Prepare for snorkeling at Watu Dodol
  • 13:00 WIB: Lunch on Menjangan Island
  • 14:00 WIB: Snorkeling Spot 1
  • 15:00 WIB: Snorkeling Spot 2
  • 18:30 WITA: Check-in at hotel in Lovina
  • 19:00 WITA: Dinner

Day 4:

  • 05:00 WITA: Prepare for Lovina Dolphin Boat Trip
  • 08:30 WITA: Breakfast
  • 10:00 WITA: Return to hotel, rest and prepare for Ubud
  • 13:00 WITA: Lunch
  • 14:00 WITA: Explore Kintamani
  • 15:00 WITA: Explore Bedugul
  • 18:00 WITA: Dinner in Ubud
  • 19:00 WITA: Rest at base camp

Day 5:

  • 02:00 WITA: Prepare for Mount Batur hike
  • 03:30 WITA: Start 4km hike
  • 05:00 WITA: View sunrise
  • 06:00 WITA: View three beautiful craters
  • 08:00 WITA: Breakfast
  • 09:00 WITA: Return to accommodation
  • 10:00 WITA: Prepare for fast boat to Lombok
  • 13:00 WITA: Lunch and explore Senggigi area, drop to Sembalun base camp

Day 6:

  • 06:00 WITA: Breakfast and start hiking
  • 13:00 WITA: Lunch at Pos 2
  • 17:00 WITA: Arrive at Pos 3, camp, and rest

Day 7:

  • 06:00 WITA: Breakfast and warm-up
  • 07:00 WITA: Coffee break
  • 07:30 WITA: Prepare for last camp at Plawangan Sembalun
  • 19:00 WITA: Prepare for summit climb (summit depends on conditions)

Day 8:

  • 00:00 WITA: Summit climb (8-hour hike)
  • Finish: Return to camp, rest, and breakfast
  • Prepare: Hike to lake Segara Anakan, camp and enjoy the view

Day 9:

  • 08:00 WITA: Hike to Plawangan Senaru
  • 13:00 WITA: Break and lunch at Pos 3 Senaru
  • 13:30 WITA: Continue tracking to base camp
  • 19:00 WITA: Return to accommodation, dinner, and rest

Day 10:

  • 07:00 WITA: Breakfast and prepare
  • 08:30 WITA: Drop off at airport or bus in Mataram, return to Surabaya

Package Includes:

  • Transportation
  • Local Guide
  • Accommodation
  • Tent Porter
  • Meals
  • Mineral Water
  • Camping Equipment
  • Coffee

Exclude: Entrance tickets, tips, and personal expenses.

Price: IDR 8.800k/pax (minimum 6 pax)

For more information: Contact us through Live Chat, WhatsApp, or Email.

Call/WhatsApp: +6281331720049


  • Transportation
  • Local Guide
  • Accommodation
  • Tent Porter
  • Meals
  • Mineral Water
  • Camping Equipment
  • Coffee
Entrance tickets, tips, and personal expenses.

Tour Amenities

Accepts Credit Cards
Entrance Fee
Private Car + Driver + Petrol

Tour Plan

  • 22.00Wib Depart to bromo from Surabaya
  • 24.00Wib Arrive hotel at bromo and rest
  • 03.45Wib Prepare Peak view of sunrise and other activities
  • 07.30Wib Back to hotel breakfast and bath
  • 09.00Wib Prepare to national park base Purwo
  • 12.30Wib Lunch at Jember city
  • 14.30Wib Arrive at alas Purwo
  • 15.00Wib Explorer savanna and sadengan
  • 16.40Wib Explorer Mangrove view
  • 18.30Wib Dinner
  • 19.30Wib Check in hotel in Banyuwangi
  • 24.00Wib Prepare towards the heading of hiking Ijen blue fire
  • 01.30Wib Climbing 3km with Local Guide
  • 03.00Wib Peak of Mount Ijen and can also go down to the crater 800mtr 05.00Wib Explorer Puncak Ijen and Sunrise
  • 07.00Wib Return to Post paltuding
  • 08.00Wib Breakfast at Taman Sari
  • 09.00Wib Explorer Jagir Waterfall and Kalibendo Plantation 10.00Wib Meepo Watu Dodol Prepare Snorkeling
  • 13.00Wib Lunch on Menjangan Island 14.00Wib Spot 1 Snorkeling
  • 15.00Wib Spot 2 Snorkeling
  • 18.30Wita Arrive check in hotel at Lovina
  • 19.00With Dinner
  • 5:00 a.m. Prepare Lovina Dolpin Boat trip
  • 08:30 Time Breakfast
  • 10:00 Time Return to Hotel rest and Prepare to Ubud
  • 13.00 Lunch Lunch
  • 14.00ita Explorer Kintamani
  • 15.00Wita Explorer Bedugul
  • 18.00 Dinner in Ubud
  • 19.00 Rest at the Base Camp while Waiting Time
  • 02.00 We prepare to start tracking batur mt.
  • 03:30 Time Hiking 4Km to the top
  • 05.00Wita view Sunrise
  • 06.00White View 3 beautiful craters
  • 08.00Time breakfast
  • 09.00Wita Back to accommodation
  • 10.00Wita Prepare to Padang bay meepo fast boat
  • 13.00Wita Lombok Senggigi Lunch break and Explorer wista Senggigi area Drop to Sembalun base camp
  • 06.00Wita Breakfast and start hiking
  • 13.00Wita Pos 2 lunch
  • 17.00Wita until Pos 3 camp break Rest and overnight
  • 06.00Wita Breakfast and Warming
  • 07.00Wita Cup of Coffe
  • 07:30 We prepare for the last camp Plawangan Sembalun break and free program
  • 19.00 We are required to prepare sleep summits
  • 24.00 Women wake up to prepare summits (summits are bonus if the participant’s condition does not allow to be canceled) (summits will also be canceled if the weather is not friendly) and the Summits trip – / + 8 hours depending on conditions

finished Summits returned to camp plawangan sembalun rest and breakfast Prepare to the lake as soon as the puppies and camp on the lake while enjoying the view of the lake Segara Anakan

  • Breakfast and Heating Enjoy the morning atmosphere at the lake Segara Anakan
  • 08.00 We prepare to go to Plawangan Senaru
  • 13.00 Break time post 3 Senaru and lunch
  • 13.30 Time tracking to basecamp It is a break to return to dinner accommodation and Rest
  • 07.00Wita Breakfast and Prepare to Customary Village
  • 10.00Wita Waterfall
  • 13.00Wita Lunch
  • 14.00Wita Snorkeling to Gili island and Sunset view
  • 19.00Wita Drop to Hotel
  • 20.00White Dinner Closing
  • 07.00 We have breakfast and prepare
  • 08:30 We Drop to Airport for those who use the plane and for those who use the night bus drop to bus in Mataram Finish Back to Surabaya


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