Borneo Tourism Package Hopping Island 3D 2N

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Borneo Tourism Package Hopping Island

Borneo Tourism Package Hopping Island 3D 2N complete with facility, cheap price, and professional staff by Indoasiatrip tour and travel service

The province which is located in the southernmost part of the island of Borneo has a myriad of attractions that should not be missed at all by Indonesian beauty explorers.
Want what kind of tourist spot you want, South Kalimantan has almost everything.
Exotic waterfalls, islands and cool beaches, or majestic highlands, just choose and go, because everyone is ready to wait for you.
Amazingly, almost all existing tourist spots can be enjoyed at relatively cheap prices, even free. And of course, the place is Instagrammable, you know! Borneo Hopping Island Tour Package, Therefore we provide Travel and tour services for those of you who want to take a vacation there along with the tour schedule and destinations ….


1. Spot Trip :
a. Derawan Island (Gusung Beach, Snorkling & Center By)
b. Maratua Island (Maratua Paradise & Goa Haji Mangku (If the tide is high)
c. Pulau Kakaban (Kehe Daeng, Lake Ubur, Dolphin Sighting)
d. Sangalaki Island (Tukik captivity, Manta Ray)

2. Transport during the tour according to the program
a. Private car airport shuttle
b. Speedboat around the island

3. Accommodation for 2 nights on Derawan Island
a. 1 room 2 people
b. AC, Coffe Break, private bathroom

4. 5x meals during the tour
a. Breakfast (second and third day)
b. Lunch at Derawan in the form of a lunch box (second day)
c. Dinner (first and second day)

5. Entrance ticket, parking

6. Travel Insurance

7. Experienced Tour Leaders & Guides

8. Documentation during the tour (Up & Underwater)

9. Snacks & mineral water during the tour

10. First aid kit

11. Snorkeling Tool (Mask, Pipe, Fin / Frog Feet, Buoy)

12. Bicycles (Min 5pax)

13. Souvenir (Min 5pax)

14. Karaoke (Min 10pax)

15. Barbeque (Min 15 pax)

16. Derawan Island Typical Welcoming Dance (Min 50 pax)

17. Video trip with Drones (Min 50 pax)


Flight Tickets from the city of origin
Lunch in Berau City
Tourist Games outside the program
Additional tour outside the itinerary
Personal expenses outside the program
Video Trip with Drones IDR 5,000,000 (For participants under 50 pax)

Jumlah PaxFee Travel AgentWater CottageBeach Cafe

(Only 4 Room)

2 paxNo FeeRp 3,8t/paxRp 4,2jt/paxRp 4,6jt/pax
5 paxNo FeeRp 2,7jt/paxRp 3,1jt/paxRp 3,5jt/pax
10 paxFree 1paxRp 2,4jt/paxRp 2,8jt/paxRp 3,2jt/pax
20 paxFree 2paxRp 2jt/paxRp 2,5jt/paxRp 2,9jt/pax
25 – 100 paxFree 2 pax untuk tamu 50 pax – 100,Free 4 paxRp 1,9jt/paxRp 2,4jt/paxRp 2,8jt/pax


Day 1:Kalimarau airport – Derawan ( D )
-Pickup of Private Tour participants by Team Leader from Kalimarau Airport to Tg. Batu approximately 2.5 – 3 hours, then ride the speed to Derawan for approximately 30 minutes

– Arriving on Derawan Island, dividing the room then checking in.

– Take a short break after the trip

– Free program until dinner time.

– Dinner and souvenir distribution

Day 2:Full Day Tour (B,L,D)
– breakfast

– Today we will visit 3 stunning islands namely Maratua, Kakaban and sangalaki. Tourism will begin with a visit to the famous Maratua Island area with charming underwater scenery, snorkeling and then proceed to  Kakaban island (Lunch Box).

– Lunch while watching coral reefs that are still very natural and thousands of fish and can play with non-toxic jellyfish on Kakaban Island

– Continue to Sangalaki Island (Manta Ray, Tukik Breeding, Snorkel), on this island you will see Manta, a type of Stingray which is non-toxic and very large.

– In the afternoon, back to Derawan Island, here you can see turtle turtles at a very close distance.

– Rest and free program

– Dinner, barbecue and karaoke events (For Min 15pax groups)

Day 3:Derawan – Berau ( B, L)
– Breakfast, Check Out Our room will go to Gusung Sanggalau for a group photo between the stretch of white sand in the middle of the sea

– Taman Si Billy if there is still time for snorkeling

– Preparing to return to the City of Origin, the tour is finished thank you for your togetherness with us on this tour. See you on the next tour.



  1. Physically and mentally healthy
  2. For applicants who are over 60 years old or have limited bodily or sensory function or mental limitations, they must be accompanied by a family member, friend or relative who will be responsible for the tour.
  3. Must have & carry a valid ID
  4. Does not carry Liquor, Narcotics, Sharp Weapons and all matters relating to Criminal or Civil Actions under Indonesian Government Law
  5. Bringing pocket money as needed
  6. Bring a bath for NON VIP participants
  7. Not allowed to carry luggage
  8. Damage and loss are the responsibility of the participants
  9. If one participant removes or damages the tour equipment and facilities, the participant must change according to the nominal price of the item
  10. Prices may change at any time before confirmation
  11. Do not take pictures or upload photos involving violence against protected animals or endangered species
  12. All participants’ photos are Right of Safari Tour & Travel and are free of promo publications
  13. Please do not throw garbage at sea or carelessly
  14. Please take care of the attitude towards local residents or indigenous tribes for the sake of comfort during the trip
  15. All participants must comply with every written and unwritten regulation from the tour for the convenience and security of all tour participants
  16. The schedule we specify is flexible and can be changed according to weather conditions, as long as it is in a reasonable condition and does not endanger the condition of the participants
  17. Participants are not allowed to separate or change Team without prior notice
  18. The itinerary can change at any time if there is a request or the weather is not friendly


  1. Accidents, loss of luggage, deposit of goods at the airport, and delay in arrival of the suitcase due to the actions of the airline or other transportation equipment, the standard of replacement is based on the provisions of the airline or the transportation service provider used.
  2. Loss of personal property and criminal actions that befall the tour participants during the trip
  3. Delay or cancellation of flight schedules and all events that occur outside the control of Safari Tour & Travel
    Change or reduction in travel events resulting from natural disasters, riots etc. that are “Force Majeure”
1. For the convenience and smooth planning of tour trips, TEAM has the right to ask tour participants to leave the group if the concerned tour participant tries to make a riot, disrupt the tour, forcefully request, and provide incorrect information about the tour program, etc.

2. Replacing the hotels that will be used since the hotel is full and replacing with other hotels that are equivalent according to consideration and confirmation. If during the tour period in the cities visited exhibitions / conferences will be replaced with other hotels that are comparable in the nearest cities.

3. The tour schedule can change at any time following the possible conditions without reducing the contents of the tour.

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