Newest 4D 3N Mount Rinjani Trekking

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Newest 4D 3N Mount Rinjani Trekking

Newest 4D 3N Mount Rinjani Trekking. Mountain climbing is the activity that most young people are interested in. Besides being able to feel the rare beauty on the mountain top, climbing mountains can also train physically and mentally. Not only that, do you realize that climbing mountains also teaches us about life philosophy, you know. therefore we from the travel tour Indonesia provide a variety of packages that are very suitable for going to G. Rinjani Lombok …

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gambar traking gunung Rinajani 4d 3n terbaru


  • Airport shuttle transportation to climbing basecamp
  • Potter logistics
  • eat during climbing
  • tent capacity for 2/3 person
  • guide
  • 1 night homestay for 2/3 person
  • simaksi
  • documentation
  • p3k


  • sleeping bag
  • participant’s personal needs
  • Eat while on an airport trip to climbing Basecamp
  • eat while traveling from the base camp to the airport
  • sleeping bag
  • jacket
  • gloves
  • rain coat
  • flashlight
  • change of clothes
  • trekking shoes
  • trekking pool

Nb : participants are required to bring personal climbing equipment and sefty


1 – 3 person
IDR ; Rp 2.350.000.-/ pax
4 – 6 person
IDR ; Rp 1.950.000.-/pax
7 – 10 person
IDR ; Rp 1.750.000,-/pax


1 – 3 person
IDR ; Rp 1.850.000,-/pax
4 – 6 person
IDR ; Rp 1.650.000,-/pax
7 – 10 person
IDR ; Rp 1.450.000,-/pax

* For backpackers the only difference is in eating,
Eat 7 times during climbing not included

Day 1

  • airport shuttle to Sembalun base camp
  • preparation for checking briefings before starting the climb
  • Star morning climb
  • noon until post 2 had lunch break for prayer for Muslims
  • after the break is complete, until post 3
  • camp and rest

Day 2

  • mild exercise breakfast
  • prepare star goes to the last camp Plawangan Sembalun
  • rest
  • free event
  • At 7 the participants are required to sleep for summits preparation
  • 12 hours MLM participants wake up for summits preparation
    (Summits are a bonus if the participant’s condition does not allow to be canceled)(Summits will be canceled if weather conditions do not allow it right)
  • summits travel + 8 hours depending on the participant’s condition

Day 3

  • Finish the summit back to the Plawangan Sembalun camp
  • break eat
  • after adequate preapare rest to segara anak lake
  • camp on the lake as children enjoy the atmosphere on the lake

Day 4

  • morning exercise breakfast
  • enjoy the atmosphere of Segara Anak Lake
  • 8pm preapare to Plawangan Senaru
  • arrived at Plawangan Senaru
  • arrive at post 3 It’s lunch break
  • After lunch, proceed to Senaru basecamp
  • treking is complete
  • participants clean and rest at the campsite
  • after cleaning – participants are taken to the airport
  • Rinjani trekking trip is complete

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Nb 1 : 
the above itinerary is only a reference for a moment Can change according to weather conditions and Field and conditions of trekking participants

Nb 2 :  Price can be change anytime


Indoasiatrip adalah agen travel wisata indonesia yang tidak asing di mata ataupun telingan masyarakat indonesia , kami memfasilitasi travel buat anda yang mau jalan - jalan atau berliibur di indonesia

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