Overland Kupang Atambua Timor Island 5D4N NTT INDONESIA

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Overland Kupang Atambua Pulau Timor 5D4N NTT

Overland Kupang Atambua Timor

Kupang atambua overland is very interesting to explore. Because we will see various kinds of traditional villages during the trip overland kupang atambua. There are also many beautiful scenery during this tour, you will be amazed to see the beauty on Timor Island.

In each customary village when we overlap the Atambua kupang we will make a traditional dance program and other greetings that they usually hold when there is a special event. Many traditional weaving makers are still original and have proven quality. We can also try typical food from traditional villages and they are all very friendly to the tourists who come even they are happy if someone else comes to visit their village. But there are a number of villages to get there that are very difficult, because the road conditions are still not good. We can still get there because it can still be accessed using a car.

For general information, Kupang is the capital of the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), but many people think that Kupang is the island of Flores. Kupang is right on the western island of Timor. Timor Island in the Indonesian territory from Kupang to Atambua in the east. This program is the same as the Flores overland tour and the Sumba tour that travels from the west to the east. Atambua is directly adjacent to East Timor which used to be East Timor.

Strolling on the island of Timor will provide a special experience for you. Many tourist attractions that you can visit, one of which you can visit natural attractions. Visiting Kupang is not complete without tasting its unique cuisine. One that you must taste is Sei’s meat. Sei meat is meat that is cooked by burning, but it is still different from other grilled meats because the meat is burned in the traditional way and is cut long and seasoned with spices and a little salt. Bose corn made from softened corn and cooked with a mixture of red beans plus coconut milk and served with meat, karmanaci and lawar ikan. Corn bose is very popular in Kupang and is worth your try. Kupang is also famous for its delicious seafood cuisine.

Day 1: KUPANG (L, D)
Arriving in Kupang maximal at 10:00 (CGK-KOE Citilink 04.10 – 09:30 / Garuda 04.55-08.50) **
Sasando Oebelo’s house (Sasando maker, Sasando game attraction using traditional clothes)
Kolbano Beach and Sunset on Oetune Beach
Stay at the city of Soe
Day 2: KUPANG – KEFA (B, L, D)
Check out the hotel
Fort None (traditional dance)
Kampung Adat Boti (traditional dance, weaving maker and lunch typical of Kampung Boti)
Stay at Kefa City Hotel
Day 3: KUPANG – KEFA (B, L, D)
Traditional Village of Insana (Sopi Maker and Weaving Maker)
Tamkesi Traditional Village (traditional dance and weaving maker)
Stay at Kefa City Hotel
Day 4: KEFA – ATAMBUA (B, L, D)
Malacca Traditional Village (traditional dance and weaving maker)
7 Tier Fortress
Stay at Atambua City Hotel
Day 5: ATAMBUA (B)
Check out the hotel
Visit the Motaain border door, Indonesia – Timor Leste
Delivered to Atambua airport and tour completed (Wings air KOE – CGK 12.30 – 13.15) **

DEPARTURE TIMEKupang airport (KOE) 10.00 GMT+8
RETURN TIMEAtambua airport (ABU) 12.30 GMT+8
THINGS TO BRINGHats, shoes, sandals, glasses, sunblock, personal medicine, cameras and equipment, power banks, shirts, bags (Bodypack / daypack / backpack)
Landtransportation using Avanza (1 unit maximum for 4 people)
Hotel for 2
Meals on tour
Tourist fee
Attraction cost
Local guide
Mineral water
Airplane ticket to Kupang and from Atambua
Personal expense
Trip insurance
Guide tips (Voluntary)


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