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What is Blue Fire?
Blue fire is a phenomenon that exists because a tinge of liquid sulfur from the crater of Ijen. The heat combined with sulfur crater creating a blue flame effect on the surface.



How to be able to see it directly?

To be able to see the phenomenon of blue fire directly, there are two route options namely from Banyuwangi (from the south) or from Bondowoso (from the North). Generally tourists prefer the route of Banyuwangi because the duration of the relatively short distance and road conditions were good. If from the center of Banyuwangi moving towards the north through the District Sleek range time 65 min. Moreover, because it is a tourist destination in Banyuwangi more complex even provided travel packages successive among tour packages to see the blue flame is often called the blue fire. The first goal eventually is Paltuding region in the form at the foot of Mount Ijen and that’s where the tourists leave the vehicle as well as a rest area in the main area of ​​Mount Ijen. When arrived in Pos Paltuding then we can do the journey to the blue fire on foot. The distance between the peak of Mount Ijen Paltuding about 3 Km and almost half the journey we have to travel uphill with a slope ranging 45derajat and with the cold reaching – / + 12 degrees,than field trips that could be considered severe for novice climbers. After arriving at the top, to see blue fire then we have to go down to the crater 800m area because that’s where the phenomenon occurs.

When is the right time?
Blue blue flame or fire can only be seen before sunrise around 06.00pm until 04.00am. Better done during the dry season because the weather is more friendly at that time. Sometimes visitors are not exactly choose the time to be distracted by the thick fog even with extreme weather conditions and will certainly disrupt the ascent and blue flame hardly visible. For the right time to see blue fire then we should depart from Pos Paltuding climb Ijen at around 24.00 to 1.00 pm because generally travel to the summit takes about -/+2 hours. After seeing the exotic blue fire of visitors will return fire spoiled the view of the sunrise from the top of Ijen. When these times will begin to see people who began transporting the sulfur to the foot of the mountain that only with the help of a simple bearer though, they have to shoulder the load range between 60 – 95kg and even then they do several times a day.



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