Wisata Teluk Triton Surga Bawah Laut Papua Barat

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Papua tourism is very popular because of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the sea, and we have one of the natural attractions of Papua as follows …….

Triton Bay Tourism Underwater Heaven!

Located in Kaimana District, West Papua Province, 40km southeast of Kaimana City. A suitable place for diving and adventure. In the Maimai area there will be a coral cliff on which the wall has prehistoric paintings. In Triton Bay can be found underwater biodiversity soft coral and inhabited by around

868 species of reef fish and 10-14 of these species are new species. In Lobo village there is a whale attraction Bryde which is so peaceful and comfortable showing itself beside the boats of Lobo village fishermen. The only transportation available to graze Triton Bay is by sea. There are no regular tour boats so you have to rent a speedboat from Kaimana Harbor. Access to Triton can use a speedboat from Kaimana City in about 1 hour. Accommodation in this place is three vacation homes made of wood and based on local customs



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