Wisata Pulau Misool Surga di Ujung Raja Ampat Papua Barat


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Papua has a very beautiful tour in terms of mountains, sea, land and many others, therefore we see information on opening travel tours in Indonesia to make it easier for you to go there at a price that is popular hehehheeheheh …..

Perna Ke- Misool Surga di Ujung Raja Ampat Papua Barat ?

Misool is one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province. Misool is directly adjacent to the Seram Sea and the waters of the high seas which are the major crossing pathways of animals including the whales. There are many diving spots that save the charm of beauty and variety at Misool.

To reach Misool Island, you can schedule a flight to Domne Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong. Afterwards, to explore Misool Island you can choose to take a tour using a pinisi boat. As an archipelago, the main means of transportation in this area is sea transportation. The boat is certainly your vehicle to get around and explore and explore the beauty of Misool Island. There is a tour package where the ship can also be a vehicle as well as a place to stay to explore


wisata pantai bosnik biak papua atau amai – yang wow


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You confused? choose a vacation or choose a place to relax?

Bosnik Beach Tourism Biak Papua is the place,

Did you know?

Tourism of Bosnik Beach Biak Papua

Bosnik Beach, located 15 km from the city center of Biak, Papua, can be easily accessed using motorbike motorbikes at a rate of around Rp. 20,000 – 30,000 for one way or you can also rent a car that can carry 5 passengers at a rate of Rp. 350,000 / day for one car

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Bosnik Beach you are required to pay a ticket of Rp. 10,000. it has a vast expanse of sand with bluish clear water and a row of coconut trees that make it a perfect sight to immortalize in your camera.

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