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Special Sharing Package Tours Komodo National, Looking to experience breathtaking scenery with a local viewpoint? If you are, then our Full Day Tours is a great travel option for you. Our agents will take care of it, to guided tours at Komodo National Park.  Our  Komodo National Park Tours is your chance for a completely new experience. We offering 3 different packages for you to choose base on your interest

Full Day Package 1 :

1. Padar Island

2. Long Beach

3. Komodo Island

4. Manta Point

Full Day Package 2 :

1. Padar Island

2. Pink Beach

3. Kelor Island

4. Rinca Island

Full Day Package 3 :

1. Rinca Island

2. Manjarite Island

3. Kelor Island

4. Lawa Island

Exclude : Entrance Fee, and Pick up / Drop off from / to Hotel


When you visit a new destination do you enjoy touring around with a professional guide? If so, then our 2 Days 1 night Tour is a great choice for you. UNO KOMODO is networked with certified, local tour guides who are ready to serve your every need. If you want to see the world from a different perspective, then this is the trip for you.

Day 1 :

1. Rinca Island

2. Pink Beach

3. Komodo Island

4. Flying Fox

Day 2 :

1. Padar Island

2. Manta Point

3. Kanawa Island

4. Kelor Island


Exclude : Entrance Fee, Pick Up / Drop off From / to Hotel


If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to other cultures and interacting with local people, then look no further than our exclusive 4 Days 3 Night  Tour. Our specialized travel agents will take care of all the details including finding the best tour guide for your needs. Feel free to enjoy your time abroad, one destination at a time.

Destination :

1. Kelor Island

2. Padar Island

3. Pink Beach

4. Komodo Island

5. Manta Point

6. Laba Island

7. Moyo Island

8. Medang Village

9. Bangsal Harbour

Exclude : Entrance Fee

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