Sumbawa Whale shark Spotting (Agent Rate 2019)

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Sumbawa Whale shark Spotting,

Whaleshark or Hiupaus is one of the largest fish species in the world that lives on

group in tropical waters. This habit of fish that likes to migrate causes these fish
found in several tropical waters to Indonesia. Some favorite migration locations
Whaleshark can be witnessed in Gorontalo waters, Cendrawasih Bay, Papua. And now it can too
witnessed by Saleh Bay, Sumbawa Island. Until the latest data is recorded a number has been identified
64 Whaleshark found in Saleh Bay


Tour time: 04:00 – 11:00 (7hours)

Towards dawn we will leave via Labuan Jambu using a fishing boat to get to
Bagang ships in the middle of Saleh Bay. It is from this ship that we will see
a herd of sharks Pau who were looking for food. We can also swim down using it
snorkel to approach the whale shark. Our guide / boatman will keep you so that you don’t
swim too close so the whale shark is not disturbed. Turn it over we will have breakfast before returning
towards the city of Sumbawa. If there is still time we can also be delivered for a tour in Labuan Village
Guava also saw the results of village handicrafts that were used as souvenirs and could be brought
return. * Transport does not include package prices

All tour starts from the City of Sumbawa Besar, with the pickup area at the Airport or Terminal
City. Additional fees will be charged for pickup in the following areas:
– Bima Airport, Dompu, Pototano Port: IDR 250,000 per person
– Lombok Airport, Senggigi, Mataram City, Kuta, Lembar Harbor: IDR 300,000 per person
(including ferry ticket crossing)

Terms of Tour Reservations

– Reservation time / tour booking is 1 week. 2 days before the tour date.
To be sure of the spot and time of the appearance of Whale shark in Saleh Bay.
– There is no 100% guarantee of the appearance of Whale shark due to wild and unfamiliar animals
interact with humans. As well as a limited amount.
– At full moon or bright moon Bagang ships will not go to sea for ± 5 days. On
at that time there was no automatic whale shark spotting schedule. For reference, you can check the calendar
the following month.

Sumbawa Whaleshark Spotting Daytrip (Boat only / Excl transport)

Price per person (IDR):

2 pax 2.970.000 / Pax

3 pax 2.150.000 / Pax

4 pax  1.650.000 / Pax

5 pax 1.500.000 / Pax

 6 up 1.230.000 / Pax

Inclusion: Boat transfer, Bagang rent, guide/boatman, overnight at local guesthouse, village donation,
snorkel set, dinner & breakfast (food only), souvenir desa Labuan Jambu, mineral water

Contact us

  • 0333 4460039
  • 0819 3762 7410 / 0857 4994 1278
  • 0813 3172 0049
  • D0455529


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